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Israeli Real estate law


Real estate deals are often very fast and simple. However, according to the lawyer and Vadim Liran Kolchinski, this is not always the case. There are many conditions that must exist in order to create a proper real estate agreement, says the lawyer Kolchinski. In Israel the environment in particular, there are hundreds of such transactions every day, the problems or legal issues often arise in these transactions during the testing of the property. Here, advocate Liran Kolchinski offers to consult a lawyer specializing in the field of real estate law.

Question: "What is a real estate transaction?"
Attorney vadim Liran Kolchinski, owner of the Kol chinski law firm: A real estate transaction is any legal action required to transfer rights of ownership or leasing from one person or from a legal entity to another. It can include things like selling a new home or buying an apartment to be purchased or purchasing land and approx.

Question: Do I need a real estate transaction lawyer when purchasing a house or land?
Attorney Kolchinski, owner of the Kolchinski law firm in israel: Real Estate in Israel has a major development in the sale and purchase transactions of apartments and properties, of course it is preferable to be accompanied by an attorney who understands in real estate law that knows the rules and regulations related to buying or selling real estate. Not only will it save you. Costly mistakes and a waste of money to Rick, those of a real estate law can check the terms and conditions of the legal agreement of purchase and/or the sale thoroughly to ensure that these sections and documents are written in fairness to your interest.

Question: Do you need an attorney in a lease agreement?
Lawyer in Israel vadim Liran Kolatinski, owner of the Kolchinski law office: a hired or a salaried should always consult a lawyer before signing a lease, in order to ensure that the rental agreement will find the necessary or important sections for the agreement between the parties. An attorney who understands contracts and agreements can formulate a lease to ensure that the terms of the agreement are consistent with the law and the desires of the parties. The lease agreement must be written very carefully, or the tenant and/or landlord may find a loophole that allows him to default on their payments, property damage or property, or use a home/apartment on the road outside of the intended use.

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