Vadim (Liran) Kolchinski Law Firm 

Welcome, you have arrived at Lawyer Vadim Kolchinski’s homepage. Our firm is located in Haifa and renders a variety of legal services in the civil, commercial and business sectors.
We have been active for several years in the legal arena and as a result of the experience and expertise gathered, our lawyers are well-equipped to provide every client with professional and ethical counsel.
Our firm works closely with the very best professionals which ensures that our clients always have full coverage and all-encompassing legal guidance. 
Over the years our firm has come to be recognized as reputable and credible in the local courthouses and we have provided legal counsel to commercial entities and other lawyers in cracking complex cases.
Of utmost imperative to us is our personal relation with the client and the emphasis on the client’s interests from the first contact to the actual rendering of legal services, including, if required, any follow ups after the legal process.
 Our leading vision is to attain the very best results for our clients, while upholding complete confidentiality and credible service.

Our areas of expertise include:

– Property and Real Estate – Private Businesses, Commercial Enterprises, and M&A
– Writ of Execution – Cheques and IOUs, Court Orders, Debt Restructuring, Proceeding Consolidation, Bankruptcy
– Work Law – Consultation for Employees and Employers and Legal Counsel
– Tort Law – Road Accidents and Insurance Lawsuits
– Sport Law – Representation of Players and Sport Associations, Including Contracts and Agreements
– Wills, Inheritance, and Bequests – Penning Wills, Mediation of Disputes Among Heirs and Representation Regarding The Registrar of Inheritance Affairs
– Legal Counsel For Companies and Corporations – Legal Counsel for Businessmen, Companies and Emerging Enterprises
– Penning of Contracts – Preparation of Private and Commercial Contracts (pre-nuptial agreements, rent contracts, work contracts, divorce settlements, partnership agreements etc)
– Civil and Commercial Litigation – Representation of Clients in Court

Why Us?

Our lawyers ensure that our clients receive close and personal guidance, from the very first meeting to the end of the legal processes. 
The interaction with the client and the client’s welfare are of utmost priority, we are always available around the clock to respond to all queries and matters that require extensive consideration, while always being sensitive, perceptive and professional.

We are always at your service! 

In the event that you find yourself in need of professional legal counsel in one of the above fields, we welcome you to make contact with us and arrange a meeting
in person, with no obligations. 
At the initial stage we will explain o you in detail all that you need to know and what to expect of the legal process and we will clarify the legal options that stand before you, such that we may proceed together on the wisest and most efficient way to tackle the relevant case.
Our lawyers promise to guide you, hand-in-hand, through the entire legal process from the start to the end and to work relentlessly to attain satisfactory and optimal results for you.
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